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if you were here right now i’d like to

  • listen to rain with you in my arms
  • make you some cookies
  • spread out in a sunny field with you
  • let you lay your head in my lap
  • watch a movie or two with you and make dumb commentary the whole time
  • play with your hair until you fall asleep
  • hold your hand and count stars
  • make you feel as wanted and loved as you deserve
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i was talking to my friend about the similarities between gryffindor and slytherin, and he told me to come up with a concise way to explain the differences between the two.

so i told him, “if you make a gryffindor mad and they storm out on you, they’ll get a lot of satisfaction out of slamming the door behind them. but a slytherin will leave it wide open, because they’ll get the most satisfaction knowing they made you get up to close it.”